Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nesting ~

It's been a long winter here (record snowfall) in the Pacific Northwest and I think it will be here a while more. Last spring I brought home an S&L Oldstyle Gordon and a bunch of associated paraphernalia. I have spent the winter going through the type that came with the press. I also aquired a Hamilton type cabinet and about twenty sets of type from that purchase. The type and cabinet were from a third generation local printer. This is about the last of the type they have and are now all offset I believe except for numbering and such. But joy for me! I removed all of the type from the cases to resort it and to refurbish the cabinet. As I was doing this I noticed how much super-fine but heavy dust was on the type that came from the bottom most cases. I was nervous about lead oxide dust until I saw how like new the condition of the type was. Then it ocurred to me, we had a volcano explode in Washington in 1980 (Mt. St. Helens) which left quite a bit of ash layered about. I don't think the type had been disturbed since then!
We also finished a remodel which allowed for a move of all of my creative supplies, furniture and equipment into a room that up until then had been occupied. A huge problem solved! So I have spent a good portion of the last year nesting! It has gone by so fast! I'm very close to being done sorting the type I have aquired, and I have learned so much in the process. I have been putting it all in forms so I can organize it how I want in the cabinet. It's amazing how one's perceptions change. What I thought may have been a slightly boring font suddenly became wonderful after seeing it up close and personal. Little treasures for my nest. ~

So here are some pictures of my place in the world.

I printed out a diagram of a California Job case to sort type on. Very handy.
Three 11 x 17 prints, one of each section, taped together are just about the size of a real case.

Sigwalt No5.

Nolan proof press.

My first larger sized project using type!

Printed on the Nolan. This print is 10 in x 15 in. The text is printed over a woodcut.

The Vandercook 14 and refurbished cabinet.

When the S&L is done I intend to install it to the right of the cabinet. Then I think I will be out of allowed space in my husbands/our shop. ;o)

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